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Some things

* I am in this Mind Meld on SF Signal: "The Most Memorable Deaths in Science Fiction and Fantasy"

* Tansy Rayner Roberts is doing a blog series on SF Women of the 20th Century


I've done two tea blends in a series called Teas of the Raksura at Adagio teas: Indigo Cloud and Opal Night.

I don't make any money if you buy them - I get points which will eventually add up so I can get coupons for buying tea at their site.

I got this idea from the Imperial Radch fandom tea blends, and I love the idea of being able to do tea blends for your books. (Or your fandoms; there are a whole bunch on this site.) It was fun and I really like how both Raksura tea blends turned out. Also if I ever have money to get a small supply of the sample tins, they'll make fun giveaways at a con. Maybe by the next Comicpalooza or WorldCon.

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Yes, that is his favorite tea! And yeah, this is such a great idea, I think everybody should do it for their books. It's way more fun than t-shirts. But man, tea blending is hard. I wanted the Indigo Cloud to be very subtle, and the first version turned out yucky.

That tea thing is SO COOL. Will definitely be buying soon.

It is cool. The sample tins will make fabulous giveaways. I wish they had a bulk discount on them, though.

*fumbles for credit card*

And done! I have purchased some for myself and some for the kid, who is tearing through the books at a rate of knots with occasional shouts of "NO STOP FIGHTING, I want to hear more about how you're making that paper!" (I am told this is normal for anthropologists.)

Thank you!

And that's awesome. :) I have an anthropology degree, and did an archaeology field camp, years and years ago.

I just brewed a cup of the Opal Night: are you sure they're on edge because of past history? Because I think the top of my head is about to come off.

The kid did undergrad with Kristen Hawkes, but enough of my friends/his friends' parents worked for state or Federal agencies that he decided to stick with game design; he blames Le Guin and Daniel Jackson in about equal measure for getting him into the field. :-)

They have fast metabolisms, they need a lot of caffeine! :)

Back when I was doing archeology, everybody had to get Indiana Jones hats.

They have overclocked metabolisms, is what they have. :)

He said that someone always brought one for giggles (and pictures), but everyone learned quickly that wool fedoras and field work in the Great Basin were not a good mix. But! One day during class a professor said "Get this question right and you win a prize" -- he did, and the prize was an Indiana Jones action figure. :-D He's still got it.

Oooooh, those are moving to the top of my list of likely Christmas gifts for a Raksura fan friend of mine! Very neat!

How fun! And they both sound delicious, although I did a double take on the "gunpowder", because at first I was very surprised you could put that in tea, and then I saw there was a link-description, and oOOh, ok, not actual gunpowder, lol.

That is such a cool idea and I love tea!! Just ordered some Indigo Cloud because I thought it sounded awesome. Okay, and because I love the connection to the Raksura. The timing is neat - I'm in the process of reading the trilogy for about the tenth time because I'm apparently obsessed with Moon and company.

on reactions to deaths in books (and also concerning leckie):
Tangentially, I recall a post on a message board I used to frequent, ages ago, where the poster said they were once in an airport reading volume [X] of a beloved series, when the author killed a favorite character. The poster flung the book away in anger and hit someone walking by. The poster apologized, and explained, and it turned out, the person was in fact the author of the book.
from annleckie.tumblr.com/post/128777876621/ogress-annleckie-agenttexsflippedshit

Edited at 2015-09-10 07:52 pm (UTC)

Very late to the party here, but I have to comment on strong deaths in fiction: One-Eye in Elfquest. Because yeah, it really makes the point that just being a main character won't keep you safe in this universe.

Also have to agree with what people said about "The Body" in BTVS. That one hits hard because it's how these things happen sometimes. You think someone you know is perfectly fine, and then... they're dead. It hit all of Texas fandom last month.

And Ed in Digger, which is absolutely perfect from both a literary and an emotional standpoint. Ed gets his Big Moment of Emotional Victory, and then... he's dead. But without his death, the ending goes pear-shaped, so you scream and wail and sob and then pick yourself up and deal with it.

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