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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Leia and Han


I'm behind on everything. I've been busy working on the revision for The Edge of Worlds, plus my husband's been sick with a bad cough and off and on fever. All I've made time for is revisioning and laundry. I am looking forward to new Doctor Who this weekend.

I answered this question on tumblr, and wanted to copy it here:

punkranger asked: Do you use music for inspiration? If so what do you listen to? :) Also, have you heard of Ayreon? They do a lot of sci-fi/fantasy-inspired music and all their albums are very intricate stories.

I do, and it’s kind of a weird mix. Here’s one of my playlists for the Raksura books (don’t judge me).

Did Anyone Approach You a-ha
Apple Cibo Matto
Life’s What You Make It Talk Talk
Loneliest Star Seal
[ Untitled ] VAST
Sugar Water Cibo Matto
Show Me What I’m Looking for Carolina Liar
Under The Milky Way Sia
Where Has Everybody Gone? The Pretenders
Night of the Hunter 30 Seconds to Mars
Bedroom Hymns Florence + The Machine
Tell Me Billie Myers
Forever May Not Be Long Enough Live
Silence Delerium & Sarah McLachlan
Calm the Storm Graffiti6
Afreen A. R. Rahman, Nakash Aziz & KM Sufi Ensemble
Inside Moby
Under the Influence Elle King

I add songs whenever I hear something that just strikes a chord. I haven’t heard of Ayreon, but they sound cool. I’ll have to check them out.

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Sorry to hear that the spouse is sick; as long as everyone's fed, there are clean sheets and towels and the dishes aren't waving hello as you walk past the sink, you're doing enough.

Oh man, I feel incredibly music-dumb. I recognize zero of the song titles. At least I've heard of most of the artists? Derp.

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