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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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One More Post

I was going to do the 7-7-7-7 challenge but I'll just post this bit. It is from the 7 page of my current WIP. (It's part of the chapter I read at my WorldCon reading.)

To the swampling, Stone said, "Wait." He turned to Moon and said in Raksuran, "'Don't' what? You're the one with the temper."

Moon folded his arms. "You're senile and delusional." Admittedly, he wasn't exactly in a good mood either.

"After him, you're next." Stone turned back to the swampling. "Now what do you want?"

The swampling hesitated, rocking back and forth, the blades on its harness jingling. It had clearly expected them to be afraid. That they weren't implied its estimation of their ability to defend themselves was incorrect, possibly fatally so. But it rallied and said, "There's nothing but trouble for softskins here."

Stone said, "Good, that's exactly how we like it."

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So the next Raksura book has already been turned in, right? Is this from the one after that?

SO glad you're getting to do more of these.

Yes, it's from the so far untitled sequel to The Edge of Worlds.

Thank you!

Oh Stone. I love him so much. It's terribly hard to choose because you have so many wonderful characters, and every one of them is my favorite. But. I think Stone just might be my favorite favorite.

Stone and Moon going on (dangerous) adventures together? *___* *flails* :)

Thank you!

Looking forward to reading the rest of it!

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