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John - WTF

Monday all day

It's Fall, but it's still in the 90s, so not very Fall-like. My husband still has a cough that's been very slow to go away. I'm still revisioning on The Edge of Worlds. I need to change up the ending a bit, and fix a lot of little stuff I've been making notes on as I go through it, but it's going pretty well.

If anybody has Raksura questions or publishing-related questions, feel free to ask.

A few links:

* Aging in IT by Catherine Lundoff
Nearly every middle-aged woman I know in IT has run into negative assumptions about her skill level and competence and/or general intelligence. Interviewing and working as an older woman in IT means it can be much more difficult to get considered for technical roles and technical training. I was once denied training on a new system because I was "too much of a people person;" coding would be "too dull and isolating". It would also, not coincidentally, have brought me more money and somewhat more job security.

Aging in writing sucks, too, in case anyone was wondering.

* Atlas Obscura: The Duke, the Landscape Architect and the World's Most Ambitious Attempt to Bring the Cosmos to Earth

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I'm in HR, which is generally a female-friendly side of business, but I'm still uncomfortably aware of the fact that I am aging. We're moving to more tech-savvy training styles and I wonder if at some point in the near-ish future it will be assumed that because I'm not a 20-something I'm incapable of coming up with 'cool' and tech-y ideas for training, or taking advantage of some of the up and coming tools.

I make an effort not to worry about it, but it's there at the back of my mind.

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