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Links and Raksura Questions


* Some thoughts about Tragic Queer Narratives
And we go downhill from here. The tragic queer narrative? Widely available. Very, very, very common. Arguably more common than positive depictions of queer characters and relationships. Books by LGBTQ authors with LGBTQ protagonists who are not tragic queers? Much less common and much harder to find.

* Writing Wednesday: Putting Handles on the Cups by C.E. Murphy

This is reality-based writing advice. I said on Twitter: I've seen writing advice that said unless you do 2000+ words every day you aren't a real writer/are a bad person etc. That's bullshit. How I write has changed a lot over time, as I've gotten more experience and tried different things. Writing media tie-ins to tight schedules taught me a lot, writing fanfic let me explore new ways of storytelling, helped my fantasy writing. I write faster now than I did 20 years ago, but I still can't hit 2000 words in a day more than a few times a month, if that. I have days where my brain just doesn't work, or all I can do is figure out plot. I had a day like that yesterday, and did not get 2000 words of anything written, but I do know how to restructure the end of the book now. That's just how my process works, and everybody's process is different, and will often change over time as you keep writing. There is no right way to do it, there's just the way that allows you to produce a finished piece of work.

Raksura questions

J. L. asked: Okay, I have a Raksura question: will we be seeing Opal Night again? I have an ultimate soft-spot for Moon's interaction with Opal Night, and I can never get enough of it.

In The Edge of Worlds there are some of the characters from Opal Night, but Moon and the others don't go back to the colony. I may do a novella or short story where they go back to visit Opal Night again at some point, because I enjoyed those interactions too.

Darrell asked: I have tons of questions, but I'll try to stick to a few. 1) Since Raksura are usual born in clutches of 5, what happened to Jade's and Balm's clutchmates? Were they stillborn or did they die later? 2) In The Edge of Worlds, will we get to see more of the social dynamic in a Raksura colony (like faction, clutches, family relationships, etc)? Really can't wait for the new book! Thanks for writing such incredible books!

1) The other three were stillborn. This was basically the first incident that started the court's slow decline, though they wouldn't have realized that at the time. In the turns after that, Pearl's next clutch was stillborn, and there were a lot of deaths among the Aeriat, and then some time after that was when the sister queen Amber had a clutch where only two warriors survived, Spring and Snow, and them Amber died.

2) Yes, definitely! Though they do leave the court for the most of the story, I try to show as much of the social dynamic as I can, because I really enjoy writing it.

And thank you for reading them!

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Characters from Opal Night are in the next book!!!!! *dies of anticipation* I did not know I could get more excited for the book. Silly me.

I can't remember if you have said: is Edge of Worlds set before or after The Dark Earth Below?

It's set afterward.

I'm excited for it too! I'm ready for it to be April. :)

eee! awesome questions, terrific answers, and now I want a timewarp machine!

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