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Thursday Books and Stuff

I'm finished with the revision for The Edge of Worlds, yay! I'm glad I took extra time on it, because I feel like I've improved it in major ways from the second draft. The Night Shade editor Jeremy Lassen gave me some really good suggestions and comments, and other people gave me some great comments, and it all helped a lot. Today I'm just going to read over some of the newer bits and spot read others, and then get it sent in.

Speaking of which, here's awesome fan art by Pentapoda: Malachite from the Raksura Books


* It's a Wonderful Death by Sarah J. Schmitt
Seventeen-year-old RJ always gets what she wants. So when her soul is accidentally collected by a distracted Grim Reaper, somebody in the afterlife better figure out a way to send her back from the dead or heads will roll.

* A Daughter of No Nation by A.M. Dellamonica
As soon as Sophie Hansa returned to our world, she is anxious to once again go back to Stormwrack. Unable to discuss the wondrous sights she has seen, and unable to tell anyone what happened to her in her time away, Sophie is in a holding pattern, focused entirely on her eventual chance to return.

* Mythmaker by Marianne de Pierres
Virgin’s in a tight spot. A murder rap hangs over her head and isn’t likely to go away unless she agrees to work for an organisation called GJIC (the Global Joint Intelligence Commission).

These are old but I'm not sure I realized they were out in ebook:

* Mapping the World of the Sorcerer's Apprentice: An Unauthorized Exploration of the Harry Potter Series It's a collection of essays on the Harry Potter series up to 2005. Mine is "Neville Longbottom: the Hero With a Thousand Faces."

* Farscape Forever: Sex, Drugs And Killer Muppets an essay collection on Farscape. Mine is "Don't Make Me Tongue You: John Crichton and D'Argo and the Dysfunctional Buddy Relationship."

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>I'm finished with the revision for The Edge of Worlds

Congratulations!! Well done. You deserve some cake. :))

Thanks for the lovely recs.

ps: is it April yet?

Edited at 2015-10-08 08:47 pm (UTC)

What an awesome Malachite!

And yay for revisions and sending in \o/

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