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Stargate Monuments

Quickie Vacation

We went to Galveston for a few days with a friend, and man, I really needed the break.

The dolphin one was a complete accident. I'm never quick enough to catch them; I got that one by just continually clicking the camera.

We also took a ghost/historical tour in one of the neighborhoods with Victorian houses. The scariest part was seeing the house Robert Durst committed a murder in, and hearing that he had been back once already that they knew of, and that he had been trying to buy another house across the street. It sure explained why the house between the two had so many security lights. It looked like it was planning to help planes land in a fog. Ghosts are fun, but the words "Robert Durst was here" will make you sprint for your car.

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Your pictures make me want to go back to Galveston.

Wow, the view from the deck to the ocean is gorgeous.

Thank you for sharing. :)

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