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Quickie Book Post

New Books

* Barsk: the Elephants' Graveyard by Lawrence Schoen
The Sixth Sense meets Planet of the Apes in a moving science fiction novel set so far in the future, humanity is gone and forgotten in Lawrence M. Schoen's Barsk: The Elephants' Graveyard

* Rules of Conflict (The Jani Kilian Chronicles Book 2) by Kristine Smith
After eighteen years, Captain Jani Kilian's life as a fugitive has ended. Captured by the Service, she now faces court martial. It will surely lead to her execution. But relations with the idomeni have deteriorated. Jani's knowledge of that alien race and her friendship with Nema, their ambassador, earn her a reprieve. And if she is able to help stabilize the crisis, she may be in line for a pardon.

* Downfall Tide by Alexis Glynn Latner
It has been twenty-four years since Planet Green was colonized by the starship Aeon. In that time much has changed, thanks to unremitting hard work by the first generation of astronauts, scientists and explorers. They have built the beginning of a new civilization on that distant world with its ocean-covered hurricane moon. Unknown to them and their children, everything is about to change.

* Fantasy Medley 3
The third installment in Yanni Kuznia's much lauded anthology series is in stock and shipping. A Fantasy Medley 3 shows off the talents of Jacqueline Carey, Kevin Hearne, Laura Bickle, and Aliette de Bodard, with suitably wonderful dust jacket art by J. K. Drummond.

* C.S.E. Cooney's album The Headless Bride is now available on Bandcamp

News of Me:

Podcastle will be doing a full cast recording of "Night at the Opera," the Reynard and Nicholas story from Between Worlds: the Collected Ile-Rien and Cineth Stories. It's scheduled to air on January 26.

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