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Late holiday post

Christmas was a lot of fun. We had a friend come to stay with us, and two more friends come into town for Christmas dinner.

I made a bigger dinner this year than I ever had before, and it turned out really well, which I was very proud of. I made the roast leg of lamb again, with gravy, mushrooms in a wine sauce, the Moroccan carrots from this recipe, collard greens with leek, bacon, and garlic, curry potatoes, and Yorkshire puddings. I'd never done Yorkshire pudding before so that was a tense moment but it worked just like it was supposed to. Also one friend brought a delicious Yule Log cake from l'Madeline in Houston for dessert.

Two of my friends helped a lot, first with helping prep the giant pile of produce at 9:00 am Christmas morning, and then at the end, when the lamb was suddenly done twenty minutes early and the gravy, the carrots, and the Yorkshire pudding all needed to be done simultaneously. (The reason I like collard greens as a Christmas vegetable is that it takes about two hours for them to cook but they don't need a lot of attention once they start, and they can be done early in the day because the longer they sit in their braising liquid the better they taste.)

And there was a lot of food but it all got eaten. We had enough leftovers for open lamb and gravy sandwiches over the weekend, and on Monday I combined the last of the lamb, gravy, and potatoes for a hash and we finished off the last of the vegetables when another friend came over to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Other news: I loved Star Wars. I love Rey and Finn and Poe. Love, love, love.

Here's a few food photos:

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All the deliciousness. I always agree with your food choices, haha, and that is a seriously pretty Yule log.

As for Star Wars, hurray! I'm sincerely glad Rey exists now. I absolutely enjoy all the movies, but Rey is the first female SW character I don't have to convince myself into identifying with. It's a weird sort of relief being able to genuinely, wholeheartedly identify with a female in the SW canon, and she's a main character, so bonus.

Thanks for sharing your pics, and happy 2016!

Gosh, everything looks soooo delicious!

Looks scrumptious and makes me wish I'd taken pictures of the holiday feast I prepared. :)

Mmm, lovely feast!

Rey \o/ Finn \o/ Poe \o/ They make me so happy!

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