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Martha Wells

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Monday Raksura Things

I started today by spilling a cup of tea down the stairs, so that was fun.

* I've posted the first chapter excerpt of The Edge of Worlds on my web site, if you want a sneak peek.

And the book is now up for preorder in ebook on:
Amazon US, Barnes & Noble Nookbook, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Spain, and all other Amazons.

It should show up on Kobo and iBooks closer to the publication date on April 5.

* I'm about 85,000 words into the sequel, which now has a title: The Harbors of the Sun.

* And for Raksura Patreon people, the next snippet will be posted tomorrow. (Or late tonight)

* LJ won't let me link directly to it, but there is a Raksura wiki, The Three Worlds Traveler's Guide: http://www.marthawells.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page

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If it makes you feel any better, one of my first acts of the day was to slosh tea onto the keyboard of my laptop. Fortunately, it seems to have survived the experience.

Yeah, I'm very lucky I have a Bissell Spotbot.

The posted first chapter really, really makes me want the rest of the book!

I'm sorry about the tea tragedy.

thank you for the boon of the chapter. what an upsetting nightmare. I loved that Moon's first instinct was to go down to the nursery and check on the clutches. and now I am once again too eager for April to arrive.

so psyched to hear about your terrific progress on the sequel too! we're so lucky!!!!

Thank you! And I love your icon!

It's by the awesome pentapus of course, who just sent me the most delightful postcard of Moon from NZ.

Cool. I love the postcards she posted on Tumblr.

As if I wasn't already desperate for the new book!

I love that the Raksuran world is still somewhat terrifying. And I love how Frost is maturing!

Cannot wait!!

Thank you! I can't wait for people to read it.

Re: the latest Patreon -- may I say how much I love how prosaic things sometimes are in your work? I was laughing about it with someone who said "Who cares about the plumbing in a fantasy story?" "Anyone who's ever had to snake a toilet at 2 am?", then pointed them at the UDEL map of the Broad Street cholera outbreak.

Thank you! I figure even a magical structure is going to need plumbing maintenance after a few hundred years. :)

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