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* Women in Science Fiction by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

* Discussing diversity & representation in SFF – links round up Juliet E. McKenna

* Jim Hines' Link Round-up includes "Mark Oshiro talks about racism and harassment he faced as Fan Guest of Honor at ConQuesT."

* Vintage Coloring Collecting, Curating, & Creating Coloring Books of Bygone Art</a>

* Quartzen on Twitter has an awesome set of obscure SF/F book recs here:


* Chase Me by Laura Florand
A Michelin two-star chef at twenty-eight, Violette Lenoir could handle anything, including a cocky burglar who broke into her restaurant in the middle of the night. Or so she thought. Elite counterterrorist operative Chase “Smith” had been through things that made Hell Week look easy. But nothing had prepared him for a leather-clad blonde who held him at bay at knifepoint and dared him to take her on.

* Tamaruq by E.J. Swift
Fleeing from her family and the elitist oppression of the Osiris government, Adelaide Rechnov has become the thing she once feared, a revolutionary. But with the discovery of a radio signal comes the stark realization that there is life outside their small island existence. Adelaide’s worries are about to become much bigger.

* The Days of Tao by Wesley Chu
Cameron Tan wouldn’t have even been in Greece if he hadn’t gotten a ‘D’ in Art History. Instead of spending the summer after college completing his training as a Prophus operative, he’s doing a study abroad program in Greece, enjoying a normal life – spending time with friends and getting teased about his crush on a classmate. Then the emergency notification comes in: a Prophus agent with vital information needs immediate extraction, and Cameron is the only agent on the ground, responsible for getting the other agent and data out of the country. The Prophus are relying on him to uncomplicate things.

* Chains of the Heretic by Jeff Salyards
After escaping the capital city of Sunwrack, Captain Braylar Killcoin and his Jackal company evade pursuit across Urglovia, tasked with reaching deposed emperor Thumaar and helping him recapture the throne. Braylar’s sister, Soffjian, rejoins the Jackals and reveals that Commander Darzaak promised her freedom if she agreed to aid them in breaking Cynead’s grip on the other Memoridons and ousting him.

* Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary by Pamela Dean
A young astronomer and her sisters and friends confront magic moving into her neighborhood.


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