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John and Teyla - Uh Oh

Quickie Monday Post

I'm trying to post more but I'm super-distracted by working on the end of the new book (The Harbors of the Sun). I won't say super-busy, because I'm writing at about the same pace, but basically it's what I'm thinking about most of the time. Also I'm trying to do some promo stuff for The Edge of Worlds. (which is coming out April 5) And writing stories for the Raksura patreon. (If you're in the patreon, I just posted the new one today https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2458567&ty=h.)

I did go to ConDFW and meant to write about that, I did go to Sherwood Forest Faire and meant to write about that. I had a good time at both those places. I'm watching and loving Elementary and How to Get Away With Murder and the Venture Brothers. And I loved the Deadpool movie.

I'm trying to work on my yard, and have planted some new things and cleaned up the pond and the fountain, but I still need to rake leaves so basically it looks terrible.

That's about it, it's all writing/anxiety/more writing/more anxiety.

I do have another new book post lined up, so hopefully I can post that tomorrow.

(FYI I have a signing The Edge of Worlds at Murder by the Book in Houston, TX, on Saturday April 9 at 4:30, where I'll be co-signing with J. Kathleen Cheney whose new fantasy is Dreaming Death. You can preorder our books (including all the previous Raksura books and Kathleen's Shores of Spain trilogy) at that link and get them signed and personalized, and then shipped to you.)

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What a terrific Patreon piece! I can't believe you're fitting all this in in between working on The Harbors of the Sun (awesome title), going to cons, and doing promo stuff.

Loved Deadpool. So fresh.

Hey, just remember to take time to stop and be nice to yourself, too!

I also think The Harbors of the Sun is a great title.

I like all the Patreon pieces but I especially liked this one. I didn't like Ember much at first - not so much that he was supposed to take Moon's place (though that didn't help) as that he seemed so helpless. But he's grown on me and now I enjoy him. I've come to recognize that part of his behavior is personality, but part is the difference between Moon and a well-brought-up young consort from a large court. And I've come to realize that Ember is not the drip he originally seemed. He does stand up for himself, and he does know things that are valuable to Indigo Cloud, especially things about the politics and diplomacy of the Reaches.

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