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I've been helping a friend unpack after a move here from out of town, so it's been a busy week and I haven't been online a lot. It's about 80% done and there's not that much left to do but little things and some final furniture moving.

It looks like The Edge of Worlds will be shipping early, maybe by next week.

I'm also about 80% done with The Harbors of the Sun, the sequel to The Edge of Worlds. I'm hoping to be done by April 5, and then spend the next couple of months slapping the draft into shape. I need to write the climax for a secondary storyline, not nearly as involved a process as the climax for the first storyline, then the wrap-up and ending and the part I call "and they all went out to lunch and felt better."

(There's a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode where Mike is singing The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and the robots get upset, so he rewrites it so that the boat gets back to port and everybody lives, and it ends "and they all went out to lunch and felt better." I use that for the after-the-climax part when the story's done but the reader needs a little more closure. The trick is not to let it get too far into that territory.)

I also fixed up my pond with a solar pump:

I've also been really enjoying the TV show Lucifer. It's got D.B. Woodside with Angel wings, and it's sexy in a female gaze kind of way, and apparently upsetting to fundamentalists because Lucifer is sexy and kind of weirdly adorable.


Note: if you want a complete-so-far signed Raksura set, I have a signing for The Edge of Worlds at Murder by the Book in Houston, TX, on Saturday April 9 at 4:30, where I'll be co-signing with J. Kathleen Cheney whose new fantasy is Dreaming Death. You can preorder our books (including all the previous Raksura books and Kathleen's Shores of Spain trilogy) at that link and get them signed and personalized, and then shipped to you.


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I entirely agree about Lucifer. One of my partners and I watched the first episode simply to see how truly awful a show with the explicit premise of Lucifer leaves hell, and comes to LA to fight crime with a plucky female detective would be, and were utterly charmed by it (and impressively shocked). It's funny, well done, impressively sex positive, and is pretty much exactly the opposite of what we expected.

Also, I'm exceedingly pleased to hear that The Edge of Worlds will ship early. Between learning about that and that Graydon Saunders latest Commonweal novel will be out in April, I've very happy about my upcoming reading.

I did the same thing, watching it just to see how bad it was, and now I have another show I have to DVR. :)

And yay, I hope you enjoy Edge of Worlds!

Hi Martha -- Just wanted to say, I recently read Death of the Necromancer, and I simply adored it! Now I'm off to read the other books in the series. :) Also, thanks for pointing out Lucifer, seems right up my alley.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Oh Lucifer! I was curious about it. I will now totally check it out.

I adore "and they all went out to lunch and felt better."

I've been steadily working my way through someone's back list and really enjoying it, but she consistently skips that step in the story, and I find it jarring.

Very excited to read The Edge of Worlds (and thrilled to hear that the next one is well on its way).

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