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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Forest -Kashyyk

Raksura Question Answer

Rachel Smith asked I've always wondered where the inspiration for the Raksura came from. I don't recall ever seeing you talk about that.

It didn't really come from any one moment or place. It was in the period where I was having my career crash. The Gate of Gods had come out but the publisher hadn't put any effort into it and had told me they weren't interested in any other books, unless maybe possibly no promises I wanted to do a Laurel K. Hamilton type of urban fantasy, and I didn't want to do that. Stargate Atlantis: Entanglement had come out but I wanted to get back to fantasy, and I couldn't seem to sell anything else to save my life.

I started several books that all died on the vine, but the theme of a character who didn't know who they were kept trying to come up, though it never went anywhere. I also had an image I really liked of a place with shallow seas and a lot of islands, but I couldn't get anything to happen in it. I tried again with a book, trying to combine ideas from two or three of the dead novels, with the idea of the lost character who came from another world, from a race of shapeshifting demon-like people. He had been captured and pulled into a steampunk-ish world of the story by a sorcerer, and rescued by another group of characters who needed him for something but didn't realize quite what he was. I think I wrote about fifty pages of that book, but I was working on the backstory of the shapeshifter character, and finally realized that backstory was a lot more interesting then what I was doing with the other characters. So I threw out that book again, and started over with Moon, carrying a dead vargit back to the compound of the people he was living with. I wanted something to set the tone of the world immediately, and came up with a flying island, and bob's your uncle.

And originally the Raksura had a more basic material culture. I had the idea of the mountain-trees, but there was no interior, they actually lived in the branches. The current culture they have had evolved by the time Moon and Stone reached the Sky Copper court.


You may have to log on to Twitter to see this, but this is the gorgeous original art for The Edge of Worlds by Yukari Masuike: https://twitter.com/toronn/status/712494880627490820

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neat; thanks for the origin story.

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