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Raksura Question Answer and The Edge of Worlds

Shycat (tawnykit) asked: Can you tell us more about the Fell/Raksura hybrids? How many live at Opal Night, and how many of those are related to Moon? How are they doing? Are there others in the world, and are they corrupt like we saw in The Cloud Roads, or are any wanting to be free of their Fell family? For that matter, if you took a baby Fell and raised it "good," would it still be corrupt? How strong is Nature vs Nurture for Fell and Raksura?

I don't want to answer too many of these questions, because some of this gets dealt with in The Edge of Worlds. The half-Fell at Opal Night are fine, and only Shade and Lithe are directly related to Moon. Besides Shade, there were six Arbora, counting Lithe.

And basically with the Fell, it's the mental connections to the progenitor and the rulers that control behavior. If those connections are broken early, or never established, then the individual Fell is able to determine its own behavior and make its own choices. This is not something the Fell realized when they bred with Raksura, and those offspring don't have the mental connection to the progenitor.

Also, is Selis happy somewhere? I'd love to find out what she did after Moon and Jade left her. Thank you for taking the time to answer people's questions!

Yes, she's living in a city inside Imperial Kish. I might do a story about her sometime, because she's really a fun character. And you're welcome!


The Edge of Worlds is already shipping in hardcover and people who preordered should be getting it now. The ebook is still scheduled to drop on the actual publication date of April 5.

And as you probably know, reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, LibraryThing, Barnes & Noble etc really, really do help. The number of reviews and ratings on Amazon is a huge factor in whether the book gets promoted within their system. (There's some disagreement about the numbers, but it's usually 20-25 that's the first magic number to trigger the book getting into the system that will suggest it to other readers.) So if you have time and you're moved to do a review anywhere, I'd really appreciate it. (And I don't read reviews, so if you didn't like it, you won't hurt my feelings.) And if you really liked it, posting about it helps word of mouth which is basically the only promotion the books get.

Anyway, I hope everyone getting it early is enjoying it!

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I love these books so very much.

I am definitely interested in a Selis update story sometime!

Unrelated Raksura question, has it/ will it be explained why Stone can't speak in his winged-form? Has he never been able to, or is it something that developed as he got older, along with getting bigger/stronger? Is not being able to speak in their other form a normal variation for Raksura, or it rare/ unique to Stone?

You may have answered this already somewhere, but what's a normal Raksura lifespan (if you're not a line-grandfather), and how long are they normally fledglings before they leave the nurseries?

I was thinking about Shade and Moon being considered young consorts. Obviously Shade was born after Moon was separated from the colony in the Fell attack some 40 turns ago. Moon was a fledgling at the time. So how much older is he than Shade?

And is a "turn" of the Three Worlds roughly equal to an Earth year?

Thirding the request for more about Selis, or for her to turn up again in a later book! "Decent person escaping from a toxic family situation" is one of my bulletproof kinks.

Also, you're a Benjamin January fan! I think I need to friend you.

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