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More Raksura Question Answers

winged_kame asked I am definitely interested in a Selis update story sometime!

Unrelated Raksura question, has it/ will it be explained why Stone can't speak in his winged-form? Has he never been able to, or is it something that developed as he got older, along with getting bigger/stronger? Is not being able to speak in their other form a normal variation for Raksura, or it rare/ unique to Stone?

It has to do with his age and is unique to line-grandfathers. It has to do with the way the shapeshifting works and how Raksura basically exist in both forms simultaneously, and move between one and the other. (This comes up a bit in The Dark Earth Below, when Elastan is able to see both their forms simultaneously.) At Stone's age, the barrier between his forms is less substantial, so his shifting is different from the other Raksura, and not being able to talk in his scaled form is one of the effects of it.

Otterb asked You may have answered this already somewhere, but what's a normal Raksura lifespan (if you're not a line-grandfather), and how long are they normally fledglings before they leave the nurseries?

I'm pretty sure I have answered this before, but I looked back through the tag and can't find it, so it's been at least a couple of years! I want to wait on exact numbers, because I'm pretty sure I've worked that out before, and I don't want to contradict myself. It is different for Royal Aeriat, Aeriat, and Arbora, with Aeriat (warriors) having shorter lifespans. They're fledglings for at least twenty to twenty-five turns, depending on when the Arbora decide they've reached physical maturity.

I was thinking about Shade and Moon being considered young consorts. Obviously Shade was born after Moon was separated from the colony in the Fell attack some 40 turns ago. Moon was a fledgling at the time. So how much older is he than Shade?

Moon is only maybe five or six turns older. Moon was considered as fully mature after he fathered a clutch.

And is a "turn" of the Three Worlds roughly equal to an Earth year?

No, it's somewhat longer, maybe more like a year and a half.


Audible is doing an MP3-CD set for The Cloud Roads to be released in May. I don't know yet if they're doing an audio version of The Edge of Worlds. It depends on a couple of factors, including sales of the audio version of previous books in the series (Stories of the Raksura I and Stories of the Raksura II) and sales of the hardcover and ebook of The Edge of Worlds.


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