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Raksura Release Week Almost Done

I wanted to thank everybody who participated in my AMA, there were a ton of good questions. (you can still read it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy/comments/4dr12p/hi_im_fantasy_writer_martha_wells_ama/ )

I also wanted to thank everybody who has already left reviews on The Edge of Worlds. You guys are awesome and I appreciate it so much.

I have the signing tomorrow at Murder by the Book with J. Kathleen Cheney. (It's not too late to order a book to get signed.)

Oh, and Razor's Edge made this list http://www.barnesandnoble.com/blog/sci-fi-fantasy/7-star-wars-books-to-read-while-you-wait-for-rogue-one/

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I really enjoyed reading the Reddit AMA! Interesting questions, and interesting answers!!

I was wondering, have you ever talked much about the evolutionary aspects of the Three Worlds? Like, the Raksura and the Fell are descended from a common Forerunner, with the Raksura branching off as a result of inter-breeding with the ancestors of the Arbora. But there are also so many different (advanced) intelligent species, and I've wondered what could have caused that to happen? On Earth, there are humans, and there *were* neandertals, but something happened while these two species co-existed to cause the neandertals to die off and only the humans to continue.

I have a looooooot of commute time during the week, so I was thinking about this, and over time I thought, you know, obviously there is the element of magic in the Three Worlds, which could do a hand-wavy-magic-thing and help evolution along. But even beyond that...you've said that a turn is longer than a year, so...I thought that maybe the planet of the Three Worlds is a so-called super-Earth. Its distance from its sun dictates the length of the turn. And its size and some of its extreme landscapes (like Esom's peoples' isolated land, or even the different layers of the mountain tree forests) allowed for pockets of different species to evolve - not necessarily concurrently, but to the point where while some civilizations rose and fell, while some species evolved and died out or changed, they couldn't go *everywhere* because the planet is seriously just that big, and therefore one or two evolved species couldn't get in the way of the eventual evolution of other species. So eventually, so many species evolved that they began to connect despite the size of the planet/landscape, but they were mostly far enough along that they could co-exist without one species overwhelming or pushing another to extinction....

Or not. Did it happen differently somehow?

(Am I being way too nerdy and over-think-y about this? I feel like I might be.)

Sorry it took a while to answer this, I don't know where my brain is.

I don't think I've talked about it anywhere, but yes, I've always had the thought that the Three Worlds is so big, there's been no need for species or groups to try to push each other out of their niches. When groups seem to move it's always into empty territory, or territory that was occupied but that the former inhabitants have left or died out. Magical or magic-science evolution did definitely play a part, too.

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Thank you! I'm glad it could help!

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