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Atlantis Dark


I have a story in this Kickstarter anthology: Mech: Age of Steel

It's a Three Worlds story, though about different characters, not Raksura. In one of the reward levels, the Head in the Clouds level, one backer can get a signed copy of The Cloud Roads. (It was three but now it's down to one.) (If the kickstarter funds, I get paid!)

That's about it. I'm working on finishing The Harbors of the Sun which is the sequel to The Edge of Worlds and probably the last Raksura book.

And the $1.99 ebook Tax Day sale is still going on!

I also wanted to thank everybody who has left reviews on The Edge of Worlds so far, on Amazon or GoodReads or wherever. It helps a lot, and I appreciate it so much.

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could you take an ile-rien question? i know you're very raksura-oriented at the moment, but i've gotten to the point in my re-read of the fall of ile-rien (i re-read it at least once a year--i love those books) where i have a question that i always have and i;m finally remembering to ask it.


i never have been sure who or what is supposed to have been staying in that mysterious room that tremaine and ilias and gilead find when they are doing their search for wizards on the ship. if it's one of the constructs that will attack the gardier prisoners later (built by niles under gardier influence, we assume?), where did it go while they are conducting the search so that it is conveniently not there? i assume it's not niles himself since he has a room. i've always wanted there to be one sentence when niles is revealed as having the crystal where someone says "and X must have been staying in that little room in third class."

in other exciting news, my copy of the edge of the worlds has arrived--looking forward to reading that next!!

An Ile-Rien question is fine, but it's been so long, I can't remember the answer! If you have a chance, sometime let me know the chapter or page number where it's mentioned. I have a vague memory of what I think happened in there, but I'm not sure if I'm right or not.

And thank you!

book is ships of air
chapter 9
page 154 in the hardcover edition.

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