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Martha Wells

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So, this is AWESOME: The Edge of Worlds is reviewed in N.K. Jemisin's New York Times book review column.

The venerated pulp spirit in science fiction and fantasy has dwindled since the golden age of the 1920s to ’50s. Yet an atavistic craving for adventure remains, and it is this need that Wells’s books in general and the Raksura books in particular satisfy. The stories are straightforward adventure, but what makes Wells’s “new pulp” feel fresh is its refusal to take the easier storytelling routes of its forebears. Rather than thinly veil an existing human society as alien others, for example, Wells — a master world builder — creates a multicultural world of humanized monsters.

So obviously, I've never been reviewed in the NYT before, and I'm so excited I'm freaking out. I'm trying to get the Raksura Patreon story posted today, and that might be the only thing I get done.

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You did great! We're sharing the link in SlugTribe

Inspiration for other Texas-based SF/F writers!

Re: You did great! We're sharing the link in SlugTribe

Oh cool, thanks!

Ditto on the YAY!!!!

That is Awesome! I'm quite excited about it!

Thank you! It's pretty darn cool. :)

Hurrah! I plan to forward the link to a few friends and say "remember those books I keep raving about?"

Ahh! That's fantastic! Congrats :D

That's so great! And well-deserved :)

Thank you! I'm still freaking out over it. :)

Fabulous! So glad to see it!

So awesome, congratulations! :D My atavistic craving for adventure was definitely satisfied, yes ^_^

You deserve the plug and the press.

Thanks very much!

That is a pretty awesome review. NK Jemisin is another of my favorite authors, so it's good to see positive synergy there.

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