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John - Aurora

Wednesday and Books

News of me

So yesterday this happened. I'm hoping we can find an actual copy of the paper on Sunday when the print edition comes out. There are a couple of bookstores in town that carry it.

Plus this is going on. I have a story in it that's set in the Three Worlds, though it's about different characters, not Raksura. (It's about Jai and the crew of the wind-ship Escarpment.)

Plus we've gotten a ton of rain in the past couple of days. We're mostly okay here, but Houston has flooded to the point of cars floating down freeways and rivers where there weren't any before. Murder by the Book, where we did the signing a couple of weeks ago, got water inside and has had to close temporarily to tear up the carpets.

New Books

* Castles in Spain 25 Years of Spanish Fantasy and Science Fiction
(also available in Spanish)
An exceptional chance to get the stories by Spain's top authors that changed the direction of its speculative fiction.

* Short story: Lily, With Clouds by Theodora Goss

* The Door at the Crossroads by Zetta Elliott
One summer night, Genna Colon makes a fateful wish that sends her and her boyfriend Judah spiraling through time. They land hours apart in the city of Brooklyn—and in the middle of the Civil War.

* Will Do Magic for Small Change by Andrea Hairston
Cinnamon Jones dreams of stepping on stage and acting her heart out like her famous grandparents, Redwood and Wildfire. But at 5'10'' and 180 pounds, she's theatrically challenged. Her family life is a tangle of mystery and deadly secrets, and nobody is telling Cinnamon the whole truth. Before her older brother died, he gave Cinnamon The Chronicles of the Great Wanderer, a tale of a Dahomean warrior woman and an alien from another dimension who perform in Paris and at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. The Chronicles may be magic or alien science, but the story is definitely connected to Cinnamon's family secrets. When an act of violence wounds her family, Cinnamon and her theatre squad determine to solve the mysteries and bring her worlds together.

* Preorder: Enemy by Betsy Dornbusch. Book Three of the Seven Eyes.
The last time Draken traveled Akrasia, he was the highest lord in the land. His journey before that was eased by royal favor and the grace of the gods. This time is different. His adopted country buckling under attack from religious fanatics and his Queen presumed dead, Draken must flee a deadly coup by an upstart lord. Bitter from fighting an insurmountable war and losing the life he’s built, he lets the ghosts of past mistakes drive him into vigilante revenge. But Draken is about to learn gods and wars have a way of catching up to a man.

* Hard Light by Elizabeth Hand
Punk photographer Cass Neary, "one of noir’s great anti-heroes" (Katherine Dunn, author of Geek Love), rages back in the series that began with the award-winning novels Generation Loss and Available Dark. Fleeing Reykjavik and a cluster of cult murders, Cass lands in London to rendezvous with her longtime lover Quinn, a person of interest to both Interpol and the Russian mob.

* Aunty Lee's Chilled Revenge by Ovidia Yu
This is the next book in one of my new favorite mystery series.

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If you can't find a copy, I might be able to, so let me know. I can bring it with me to Worldcon, if needed. :)

We should be able to get one in town, I'm thinking. But thanks!

Gracias for mentioning "Castles in Spain."

And stay dry. I was talking to my brother in Houston last night. Work for him and school for the kids are closed, due to flooded roads.

We didn't get it nearly as bad here - we're on a bit higher ground than Houston.

(Deleted comment)
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