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So, last weekend I had a somewhat sore back from being in an unstable position while trying to keep a box from falling, then Tuesday evening my back gave out while I was getting out of the bathtub and probably got a torn ligament. It was extremely painful, like getting a small electric shock in the back, and I almost fainted. So, that happened.

Then Thursday I went to Comicpalooza. I had a cane and a back brace and a lot of Aleve, and my husband was helping me. At that point, I could walk and sit but couldn't pick things up off the floor or do things like put my shoes on, but it got gradually better over the weekend. We got to the con, got our passes, and then I rested in the room until friends came to pick us up to go to dinner. (It was a place near the hotel that served Chinese and Vietnamese food and it was delicious.)

Friday I hobbled down the skybridge and did my two panels and managed to eat lunch down on the convention floor near the maker faire but didn't really get to see anything. After my second panel I was pretty much out of it so we went back to the room. I felt better by the time we needed to go down to meet J. Kathleen Cheney and Michelle Muenzler for dinner and hanging out in the bar afterward. It turns out rum is a great muscle relaxant.

Saturday I did my panel and a signing, and spent the rest of the time hanging out with friends who had come in for the con. I got to see the Orion capsule in the big NASA exhibit, my husband bought me a small light-up Atlantis Stargate that is awesome, I got a t-shirt with Rey from Star Wars and a NASA t-shirt, and saw a lot of costumes. Then we met up with a big group for dinner. I did pretty well that day, and was able to walk in the dealers room for about an hour and a half. One of the friends was pentapus who did some fabulous Raksura art for me during the panel.

Sunday I was done with programming, so we went through the artists alley until I started to feel bad, but as we were leaving my husband stopped and got me an autograph from Peter Mayhew, who is also awesome. (He was sitting next to Carl Weathers, who is extremely cool too.) Then we took off for home.

This was a contest where robots had to attack that castle.

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