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Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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New fan art

I've posted new fan art to the Books of the Raksura Compendium on my web site: http://www.marthawells.com/compendium/#art

It's "When Moon first encounters Stone in The Cloud Roads" by Samantha Majumder. Samantha says: One of my favorite 'scenes' was when Moon encounters Stone for the first time and gets chased around a floating island a bit before he flies down to cling to the underside of the island and escapes. I enjoyed that part so much I painted what I thought the scene might look like with acrylic and watercolor and would like to show you as well. I attached a scan of the fan art to this email. I aimed to reflect how threatening Stone appeared to Moon as he was chased. Also, the cover art of your book influenced the yellow tinted sky.

Thanks to Samantha!

If anyone wants me to link to or post their Raksura art on the compendium, just let me know.

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What a wonderful gift! That's a lovely piece. All the artwork on that page is great. Raksura come alive ^_^

Here's a link to my art of Frost on DeviantArt. I'd love to have it included on the list.
I keep getting inspired to do more Raksura art, so I might make some more sometime.
I love seeing everyone bringing the characters to life!

I found the post! I'll add the link as soon as I get a chance.

I tried to leave a comment with a link to my art of Frost, so it could be added to the compendium, but LiveJournal told me it was marked as spam. :( I am very sad.

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