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The Harbors of the Sun up for Preorder

You can now preorder the hardcover of The Harbors of the Sun at Amazon US, Chapters Indigo, Books a Million, Amazon UK, and Indiebound. The ebook will show up for preorder closer to the release date.


A former friend has betrayed the Raksura and their groundling companions, and now the survivors must race across the Three Worlds to rescue their kidnapped family members. When Moon and Stone are sent ahead to scout, they quickly encounter an unexpected and potentially deadly ally, and decide to disobey the queens and continue the search alone. Following in a wind-ship, Jade and Malachite make an unlikely alliance of their own, until word reaches them that the Fell are massing for an attack on the Reaches, and that forces of the powerful Empire of Kish are turning against the Raksura and their groundling comrades.

But there may be no time to stage a rescue, as the kidnapped Raksura discover that their captors are heading toward a mysterious destination with a stolen magical artifact that will cause more devastation for the Reaches than anything the lethal Fell can imagine. To stop them, the Raksura will have to take the ultimate risk and follow them into forbidden territory.

The paperback of The Edge of Worlds can be preordered at Barnes and Noble and Amazon and all the other Amazons.

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Did I hear correctly (elsewhere) that this will be the last Raksura book?

Yes, this is the last one. I may do more set in this world (like prequel novellas, etc, or something focusing on characters other than the Raksura), but I don't have plans for any more books about Moon, Jade, and the Indigo Cloud Court.

*is sad*

But I know, when the story stops coming, it stops coming.

I've been loving them all so very much.

I have a feeling that it's more a "no contract" thing.

Thanks :) I'm sad about it too.

I can't wait! (also, that's the loveliest cover yet)

Great cover! I'm looking forward to reading it.

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