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Atlantis fog

The BTHOHate Protest

Last night, me, my husband, and a couple friends went to a protest against the Nazi Richard Spencer who was speaking on the TAMU campus. An outside group rented the room for him to speak in, and there were several counter protests plus an Aggie Unity event in Kyle Field with speakers and music starting at the same time. (BTHO means "Beat the hell out of" and is usually directed at rival football teams.) We posted some film on my facebook timeline, too.

Here's the local news on it:



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I've said elsewhere that I'm glad to see the Eagle, at least, calling a spade a spade. The KBTX headline is kind of aggravating though. That is not really the key piece of the story :p

Thank you for going, and for reporting about it.

You rock! I don't usually reblog your political posts on tumblr (I try to keep my...wall...or whatever it is - I still don't quite get tumblr entirely, lol - mostly fun happy fandom stuff), but I do appreciate them, and share a lot of the links on Facebook, so thank you.

Thank you. We all need to stand vigilant in the times that are coming.

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