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Publishing News

I got some good news today. Skyhorse/Nightshade is going with simultaneous hardcover and trade paperback editions of The Harbors of the Sun. (This was after Barnes & Noble said they'd take 1200 copies if it was released in trade paperback, but only a few 100 if released in hardcover.) I think this is great, because people who want a nice hardcover can get one and you still have the more affordable trade paperback.

Also, I posted the new Raksura Patreon story today: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2458567

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That's very cool! That cover needs to be in grand scale as much as possible. :)

The snippet was wonderful! I had to stop myself from laughing out loud several times because I was reading it at work. It makes me want to right back and read the book where it takes place even though I just reread it.

Don't forget to reference e-books when you talk about book sales! I have no room for books, in fact I'm both giving them away and selling them as I'm finding that 10 bookcases full of books (plus over a dozen boxes that have yet to find a shelf) is too much for me to look after as I get older. But I am happy to buy a ton of e-books that take up no physical room, and I read a novel or two a week courtesy of the large font you can choose when you have an ebook. A lot of much younger people than I are also more interested in e-books than paper ones! I have more books in my Kindle than physical ones I have in my home at this point, and I did it in five years vs the 40 years I've been collecting physical books.

That said... I will probably buy a nice hardcover to give as a gift.

I've mentioned the ebook in all the preorder posts for Harbors of the Sun, and was in a rush when I posted this, and just didn't take time to mention it again. Hopefully people will realize this doesn't mean there won't be an ebook, since ebooks are standard now -- I remember a few years ago some authors got death threats because ebook releases were delayed.

Hooray for hardbacks! I will be purchasing those as a gift -- I have a progressive visual impairment that makes electronic copies a more accessible choice, and I've already pre-ordered that version -- and know at least two people who will be delighted to have a hard copy.

And as much as I enjoyed Stone shouting at everyone, it was an equal pleasure to compare his response to Malachite's in a previous post: both are reacting based on incomplete information, yet ultimately have Moon's and their colony's best interests at heart. I fondly imagine private "Shit, all right, good point, I hate being wrong where other people can see it" grumbles on both their parts, once the holes in the narratives are mended.

That's great! I picked up the hardcover for the last one, so I'll probably do that again to match it up on my bookshelf. :D

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