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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate Monuments


I wrote this for Facebook but I think it applies to Live Journal, Dreamwidth too:

You see a lot of people popping up in your posts that you don't know, or who are friends of friends. They may actually be white supremacists/Nazi sympathizers/all lives matter racists who spout that rhetoric, they may just want to argue with every word you say, but they are all Trump supporters, and the only thing they have in common is that they want you to shut up.

It can be scary to speak out about your feelings and fears at any time, let alone when you're facing an actual rise of open fascism. These people are there to stop you, to scare you. It's not a conspiracy. They've been indoctrinated by Fox News, by sites like Breitbart, by their families, they don't need a conspiracy, they know what to do without any outside help. They want you to shut up. They just want you to be nice, be kind, don't talk about politics, just shut your damn mouth, lie down, and let us do what we want. They want you to shut up.

All I have is advice, and that's to not shut up. I've been abused, I've been bullied, and I can tell you that there is nothing more satisfying than to keep talking when a bully wants you to shut up. If you don't know this person and you don't want them in your posts arguing constantly, ban them from your Facebook. It's easy and fun. If a friend wants you to shut up, that's harder. But if someone wants you to shut up about your fears, when they want you to shut up about politics when your friends and relatives and innocent strangers are being hurt or put in danger of their lives by those politics, then that person is not your friend. It's a hard thing to learn, but it's true.

Couple of links:

Calling Congress is easier than you think: http://www.refinery29.com/2017/01/138465/how-to-call-senator

General Strike Called for February 17: https://mic.com/articles/167192/general-strike-feb-17-what-will-happen-if-activists-stage-a-nationwide-strike-against-trump#.dg8japJXA

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Yes. This.
Thank you.
As a small action of personal resistance I have decided that I really have to subscribe to a couple of newspapers - not that they have done a terrific job over the last decade or so, but they are needed, and certainly do a better job then the rumor net of reporting actual facts. They need to be encouraged in this.

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