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In email Laura asked: Is there any likelihood that Martha will collect and publish together her Il-Rien short stories? I generally don't like short stories, but I like her Il-Rien work so much, I would be interested in such a collection. What about another novel featuring Il-Rien?

It's probably not very likely, as short story collections don't generally sell very well, so most publishers aren't interested in publishing them, unless they're from very popular authors. Also, the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy didn't sell very well, so the publisher isn't interested in any more Ile-Rien books. I do have an Ile-Rien short story in the anthology Elemental, and there will be at least two trilogy prequel stories about Giliead and Ilias in the magazine Black Gate. Anyway, thanks, and I'm glad you like Ile-Rien.


My dog's surgery went well, and I'm picking him up later this afternoon. That's a huge relief.

I can't remember if I posted about this or not, but Bibliopolis is publishing the Spanish edition of The Death of the Necromancer and the cover is absolutely gorgeous and the whole package is beautiful. When I have a chance I'll scan it and post it on the web site. It's a complete contrast to Rachel Caine's latest foreign cover.

ETA: Hah, just found it on their web site. You can click on the smaller version to get a larger image.

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Oh wow, that cover is fantastic. Almost good as the title: "La muerte del nigromante". It just flows so nicely off the tongue!

DotN will always be one of my favourite books. I just love it.

Glad to hear your dog is okay :)

Oh, wow, that is just gorgeous. I hope it sells well; it should score on the 'pick up book with interesting cover' factor alone, and then hopefully they won't be able to put it down again. :-)

Oh, that is a beautiful cover! I would definitely pick that one up. And: no tentacles! *g*

I'm another person who'd really like to see a collection of those short stories. Or maybe you could publish them as Amazon Shorts. They say they want unpublished works, but both of the stories I've bought so far were previously published, so maybe they make exceptions.

Actually, I'd rather have more Ile-Rien novels. Would you consider letting your fans pay you to write one? See Lawrence Watt-Evans and Diane Duane for examples.

I'd certainly pay to read more. Doesn't really matter if it is self published, e-format or something else. Ile-Rien is just about the most interesting world I've come across.

Dang, its disappointing that the Ile-Rien fans (which I think I've long established myself as one) are intense, but not numerous enough for publishers tastes.

I want a copy of that cover! Glad to see it's being published in more places, too.

Oh man, that is gorgeous. Sweet.

That cover is gorgeous! I never saw Vienne in yellows before.

Man it sucks that good writers don't get book deals for new stuff, when some established SF/F authors can pretty much crank out the same formula again and again and again.

Very glad to hear your dog is ok :)

I've only just spotted the eyes which freaked me out rather. Shows how observant I am on a day to day basis!

Lovely cover.
Good to hear that the dog is doing well. I'd rather have surgery on me before my dogs....

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